Our Distinguished Donors

We are proud to recognize those who can give $100 or more to the ASTA spring 2022 direct mail fundraising campaign as well as those donors who have consistently supported us throughout the year. Click here to view a listing of our fall 2021 Distinguished Donors. 


First and foremost, thank you so much for your support of the ASTA. Yes, your donations are very much needed in helping us restore our ranks, attract good recruits to our profession, and provide more security to our troopers. More important to us, however, is that you believe in what we’re doing. We can’t over emphasize what this means to us.

We believe it is important to recognize those who support us. For our spring fundraising campaign, we have two of our 2022 ASTA window stickers available to anyone who contributes. Those who can donate $50 will receive our new ASTA 2022 logo magnet and four window stickers. Those who contribute $100 will receive four stickers, the 2022 logo magnet, and our custom 2022 ASTA medallion. The medallion is cast metal,crafted specifically for us with a strong magnet that adheres to any metal surface. They are dated for each year and have become collector’s items among our supporters. Hundred dollar donors will also be recognized on our website.

Our responsibilities as State Troopers are wide and varied, and touch nearly every facet of law enforcement. We are the first responders, the guardians who make a difference in the lives of others. We are dedicated and we are here to always protect you. Thank you for your support.


Alabama State Trooper Association

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